Client Testimonials

“The customer service provided before, during AND after the deals were closed really stood out to us. A woman owned, successful business was a great selling point as well! The JC team cares about their clients. You're not just a name in a database.”

Patricia Roy

“Thank you for all of your hard work! They were quick to answer all of our questions. We are lifers!”

Amanda Johnson

“Everyone at is very friendly and easy to talk with. They were very understanding of my situation and I would recommend their services.”

Mike Meulenbelt

“ added a much more personal experience vs the bank. Customer service is important to us and one of the motivating factors in switching to JCMortgages. We also calculated quite a bit of savings by switching vs. staying with the bank. Thank you for all your help!”

Leah and Chris Kohman

“Janna and Carrie took all the time needed to fully explain all aspects of our mortgage and application process. Even working online due to COVID-19, working with them felt very personal. Thank you Janna and Carrie. Working with you was a pleasure!”

Lee and Lu-Ann Procter

“ suggested and provided solutions to help us grow our investment property portfolio. Janna and her team responded quickly to our questions and provided a suggested lender promptly. The office team made us feel very comfortable switching to a broker.”

Janet Yates

“JCMortgages.a was friendly and very helpful! They made sure that everything went very smoothly. Solved any issue immediately. All very perfect, extreme service.”

Kim Plante

“Prompt replies and excellent customer service! We really appreciate the gifts of appreciation and continuing to keep in touch with us.”

Richard and Sofina D'Souza

“Janna always responded all of our questions quickly. She was very patient and a pleasure to work with. Absolutely amazing service.”

Sonia Bordadagua

“It's the whole experience, fast and friendly responses to every question or inquiry and comfort knowing I'm always in good hands!”

Shari-Lyn Wilton

“ got us a fantastic rate, provided us with information with lenders, answered all of our questions promptly and we truly felt valued! Such a pleasure to with work Janna... Keep it up and we love our gifts and the events you hold for your clients!”

Tamara Konigshofer

“Janna exceeded our expectations from start to finish. Thank you for making our dream house a reality. We would definitely use again!”

Sarah O'Neil

“Janna, you are excellent at what you do. We had no clue about how to proceed until we met you. Thank you.”

H & M Szymaniak

“Easy to work with! Non-disruptive for our busy schedule!
Would definitely recommend!”

Alia Henderson

“Janna made it easy and very convenient. Very helpful and worked quickly. I would definitely recommend her.”

Lindsey Hasyj

“We would highly recommend you. Extremely happy with our services.”

Carri Conway

“We would highly recommend you. Extremely happy with our services.”

Carri Conway

“Very good experience as a first time home buyer! Thank you so much for all your help!”

Rachel Buitenhuis

“Janna's excellent customer service & personal touch with the upbeat office, great hours, as well as the best rates! My Mortgage Agent for Life! Always recommend her services”

Glen Downey

“There are so many decisions & account records to acquire to make a proper mortgage document. Janna & Team walk you through professionally! Happy to recommend your services to others!”

Paul Brown

“Janna, we trusted you to do a good job and you did! We didn't have to worry about anything.”

Mary Kennedy

“Janna, you are so down to earth and I felt I could trust you 100%. You made our journey a little easier and a little less stressful. You and your team are so easy to talk to: we could call you any time and you would happily answer any questions. We would recommend you in a heart beat! It was a pleasure meeting you Janna! Thanks again for all your time and hard work!”

Melissa & Donald Draper

“Janna, Thank you for all your help. You made everything a breeze and gave me confidence in the actions taking place.”

Melissa Borges

“Janna, you searched for great rates. You are always reachable and made things easy to understand for first time home buyers.”

Sagi & Kayla

“Coffee & Treats at your office. Refinancing our other properties allowed us to purchase a new place & not have to dip into other investments funds to do it!”

Perry White

“Thanks for making my first mortgage easy! JCMortgages provided ease of access and effortless adjustments.”

Kris Darling

“A one stop shop. Janna made the process simple & pain-free!”

C. Cruickshank

“Always quick with responses and helpful with all the questions we had. Great service as usual. Thank you for all your help!”

Jennifer Calligaris

“Janna, you shopped around for us and got us the best deal. It took a lot of stress off us.”

Debbie Hildreth

“Not having a mortgage for a long time things have changed. you made the process much easier.

Thank you for a superior job and for the wonderful gift at my back door; It was a pleasure working with you and your staff.”

Nancy Tew Seberras

“New first time home buyer. Janna & Laura were very patient, knowledgeable & accommodating to my questions. Janna went above and beyond to make time available & accommodate my irregular work schedule. Thank you for the positive experience, time efforts & approachable nature.”

Candice Kostyshyn

“From working to retired. Janna understands and gives great advice. You are exceptional Janna & Team!”

Wendy Redmond

“Janna was very approachable and came equipped with value-added advice. Thank you so much for the JOY gift as well as a very kind word about your incredible staff. Laura was amazing to work with as she answered my questions very promptly.”

Kate Simpson

“Janna took the time to have an initial conversation to discuss needs for the next 5 years and suggested options on our refinance. Janna and her team were helpful and completed our refinance quickly and efficiently. Janna is my mortgage broker for life.”

Lise Crowell

“Janna made sure we closed on time. Without you we would not have gotten our keys. Always very approachable and friendly. You were amazing to work with, and made us both extremely happy! Thank you!”

Allison Boniface

“Janna, you offered the best deals, connected us with a lawyer and another mortgage company. Fast & Friendly service! I will definitely recommend you should the topic of mortgages comes up!”

David Kovachik

“Janna, you are involved from start to close and always a phone call or email away. You really do care about your clients and it doesn't go unnoticed! Thank you! We will definitely recommend you!”

Amanda Robinson

“Janna, with your help we felt well prepared for all our meetings with the banks thanks to your clear & straight forward directions. However, I was most thankful you were capable to deal with all roadblocks we ran into with our bank. Thank you!”

Greg Beifuss

“Working with Janna was fast and easy. She was very helpful with my busy schedule.”


“Janna and her team are very quick to respond with answers to questions you may have. Their knowledge in this field is tremendous and they have gone above anything we asked for. With out Janna and her team, we would have still been renters. Their knowledge and commitment to my family is unbeatable. Janna will be mortgage agent for life!”

Todd Simon

“Janna found us a non-traditional lender that could help our unique situation. The JCMortgages team was critical in my cottage closing. They went above & beyond expectations. We would absolutely recommend Janna and her team.”

Tracy Spark

“Janna is awesome! Just a quick call or email away. Best option ever! I will definitely refer your services.”

Kristine St-Jean M.

“Love working with Janna. She is very professional and knowledgeable. Janna goes above and beyond with her quick and reliable advise. We needed money for a time sensitive investment property. Janna's team helped us out with a smile.”

Amanda Way

“You were extremely knowledgeable, answered all our questions and concerns and made the whole process a breeze! We would absolutely recommend you. We have had a great experience with more than one mortgage transaction and will definitely use you again and recommend you to our friends.”

Adam K. & Laura H.

“Really appreciated the offer to meet us at a place and time that worked for both of us.
The bank we reached out to whom we have done business with for over 30 years failed
to be as helpful as you, and they have the best reputation for a bank in Canada.

They lost our business because of this failure to be like you.”

John Gellatly

“Janna, you were very attentive to our needs, and you were exceptionally adaptive to every need. You had a wide knowledge base and were able to assist us with the issues with our title insurance.

Thank you Janna, exceptional work!”

Amy Finkbeiner

“I felt all the stress was taken away at least where possible. I knew nothing about where to go or start but that didn't matter, you took care of everything.”

Arlene Young

“Janna was able to provide professional advice while completing the transaction with ease. Absolutely would use Janna's service again and I refer Janna every chance I get.”

Kristina Brown

“Janna, you answered any and all our questions that came up, even after we met with you! You are awesome and we love working with you.”

Kevin Parks & Shelly Martell

“Janna went above & beyond to assist me at such a busy time of my life. I couldn't imagine a better experience. I absolutely intend to using your services again, I have no doubt in that. I would definitely recommend you. Thank you again Janna!”

Chris Clarkson

“Janna was easy to get a hold of and get answers. She told me exactly what I needed to do to move forward.”

Mitch Dahmer

“Janna quickly replied to my emails and I would highly recommend her.”

Nichole Mortimer

“Janna was always available to answer our questions and offered excellent advice. This was our second time working with Janna and it was a fantastic experience both times!”

Tricia Andree

“Full service in our home! Can't imagine any easier or faster or better customer service.
Keep up the good work! I enjoy your Facebook Live workshops!”

Brigid Loveday

“Janna always makes the seemingly impossible possible, I would never be able to manage my mortgage needs without her! She is so perfectly consistent and not only has she helped us with our mortgage needs but she also sets a prime example of impeccable customer service. I would highly recommend her to others, with confidence. I have used her services twice ad I can't see myself going to anyone else, ever.”

Samantha Blackburn

“Because of the unique financing that we needed, we could not have done it without you Janna!”

Gail & Ralph Swan

“You saved my husband and I a lot of time by bringing your services to us. You explained everything so that we completely understood and felt relaxed about the whole process. We loved the fast, simple & friendly experience we had with you. Definitely recommending you to friends & family!”

Amanda Broeze

“You were very friendly and reassuring-these are qualities you don't find often. We didn't need to research a lot, you came to us and provided us with all information. You knew what you were doing and I would suggest you to anyone. Thank you.”

Julie Gomes

“I found you were quick to help witch made for a stress-free experience! I would definitely use you again and recommend you to others!”

Monica Antenos

“You were always available when I needed to talk to you or see you, it was so convenient! You had all the answers to my questions and I didn't feel the normal stresses of attending a mortgage appointment.”

Yvonne Wolfe

“You were very easy to talk to and you knew what your talking about! I really liked that I dealt with a person and not a branch of a bank, as it was much more personable.”

Amanda Harrald

“You take a personal interest in your clients. You are quick to respond to concerns and question after hours or when ever needed. When we came to you our needs were quite specialized and you came through with flying colours. You found us the best/lowest rate to suit our needs.”

Gail Swan

“Wow, I didn't know dealing with a mortgage agent would be so personal! You were very friendly and personable and made sure things got done! I would absolutely recommend and use you again”

Norm Martineau

“You responded to my emails very quickly and had an endless amount of patience with all of my questions. You made getting a mortgage extremely easy, I even switched mortgage companies so I could stay with you!!”

Karen Gordon

“You made sure we were getting the right mortgage for us. We appreciate the attention to detail and personal touch you provided.”

Jesse Therrien

“You take a personal interest in your clients. You are quick to respond to concerns and question after hours or when ever needed. When we came to you our needs were quite specialized and you came through with flying colours. You found us the best/lowest rate to suit our needs.”

Gail Swan

“You took the time to explain everything in detail, that I could understand!”


“You are a very good listener and work to come up with the best arrangement for the needs relayed to you by the client.
You have a high level of patience, even when asked a large number of questions (some of which have already been asked prior).
You do home visits to suit the busy schedules of your clients.
You have a high level of knowledge.
You have a great personality and are a pleasure to deal with.
You saved us days and days of effort, did all the shopping around for us and arranged all the lawyer meetings.
We would definitely use your services again and recommend you to family and friends.”

Steve Hankins

“By coming to me and doing it all, I was able to achieve all my goals in one visit! You were very easy to deal with!”

Susy De La Sensa

“You were always there when I needed you via phone, fax or email, and you explained things so well. You always gave me the exact information I needed to make my decisions. I have already recommended you!”

Tracy Livingston

“You were very knowledgeable=saving me lots of money!”

Marion Stahl

“Working with Janna, felt like working with a friend! You understood my situation and were fast at addressing my concerns. I was very impressed with the overall experience.”

Ana Arredondo

“I enjoyed working with Janna as you are very accessible and even came to our house. Janna was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions. You did all the hard work! All we had to do what decide what option we wanted to choose.”

David Kovachik

“You took the time to get to know us and understand our personal needs. You were able to provide us with what we needed and explained things so clearly to us, therefore giving us the best mortgage for our needs.”


“You are helpful, thorough and always looking for the best rate!
You helped us through our first refinance, which allowed us to purchase our second home.
All our questions were answered and you helped us every step of the way.”

Nicholas Ferrar

“Very flexible, available to meet anywhere anytime! We were not approved by our major bank because I was on a 3 month work probation, and you found a solution!”


“Thanks again for everything, you make purchasing a home a breeze.”

Ronda Murphy

“We were unsure what to do when renewing our mortgage, but you answered all of our questions! You made this complicated process much easier!”

Shelly Martell

“As a first time buyer, you really explained everything and made the process easy. You made my dreams a reality. When I was dealing just with a major bank I never thought I'd be in a house as quickly as it happened after meeting you. You got me an amazing rate I could have never got on my own. You really explained everything and made sure I was comfortable.”

Laura Ruth

“We liked that you call us back right away, and that you can see us on short notice. You helped us clear up some debt! You did everything for us!”

Julie Nieboer

“You care about the individual, you put the client first. You found us a great rate and we were able to send everything electronically. I would definitely use your services again, you were very knowledgeable, I highly recommend you.”

Cheryl Beaudry

“You're always prompt with returning calls and answering questions. You are completely on top of our info and finding us the best rates. You think of everything! We don't have the time to be shopping around for the lowest rates and dealing with banks, so we trust you with those tasks. We've already used your services a few times, and we wouldn't think of looking for anyone else.”

Jena Galvao

“Your ability to understand a client's needs and your professional knowledge helps clients like me understand the choices. I only needed to sign the papers for a full service stress free transaction.”

Ed Morgan

“You were definitely very knowledgeable and fair. You follow up, follow through and are always available, so much better then our previous lender that its beyond compare. You go the extra mile for your clients.”

Stacey Whittington

“You took the time to answer all my questions. You found the best available mortgage for me. I told you what I was looking for and you delivered.”

Kenny DeJong

“Your high level of Competence and Professionalism and Confidence is inspiring.. I had a unique mortgage profile and you found a very good lender & Rate.. I would definitely refer you to friends & Family, You took care of everything and I really appreciate what you did for me!!”

Brad Weber

“You saved me a lot of money on interest with a low rate! You are easily accessible via text, email, fax, or phone and will meet us at our convenience at our home.”


“Home Visits = Great! You are able to explain/define stuff in a way that normal people understand! It is nice having a middle party to deal with our lender, so that we rarely have to! We are not very knowledgeable with stuff like this. You put us at ease knowing that everything is taken care of just as it should be.”

Becky and Travis Smith

“You care and come to our home so it feel very personal and cofidential. You made everything clear and helped us (day or night!) with any questions we had. You did everything you had to to help us get this house.”

Rachel Boone

“Quick and easy, very professional. You took care of everything.”

Ljilja Kercoban

“Janna is very prompt , personable and on top of her business and trends in the marketplace. She is responsive to all clients needs, regardless of whether they are big or small. Great recommendations on which mortgage to select; knowledgeable on market trends. You work around our schedule and make time for us.”

Nicole Carter

“Nothing is a bother. We only have to ask for something and it was done. Very personal and efficient. You made it easy, just a phone call away for anything.”

Jackie Rigmond

“You came to my home to explain things and get me to sign things. You got me a great rate. You were only a phone call away to answer my questions. I was very glad you were referred to me.”

Sandra Leckie

“Speaking with you about our mortgage needs was a very different experience then speaking with our bank. You understood our financial needs, understood our financial vision, explained things clearly, and helped us meet our financial goals. You have clear expertise, professionalism, and competence. You understood all the variables and mitigate the territory for an outstanding outcome. Without you our current financial state would not be as good.
You completing home visits and being available by phone & email make you much more accessible then a bank. With absolute certainty we will use your services again.”

Tiffany Delsaut

“Your service and way of doing business, it was like you never gave up on us until you got a deal. You got the funds we needed to combine all our outstanding debts into one payment. Everything is 100% better now. After working with you we now know that you believe in us and got us a mortgage that others could not do. Thank you. We recommend you 100% to anyone that needs a mortgage.”

Rick Ivany

“You are personable, honest, and genuine; you look out for the client only! You are prompt and efficient! Your knowledge and persistence was above and beyond any bank! You did EVERYTHING! It can’t get much easier than that. I would and do recommend you to anyone that mentions mortgages!”

Tina Dionne

“You were very accommodating, took some of the financial pressure off me and you did all the work”

Marion Stahl

“You travel to us, you are very knowledgeable and you fight for the best interest of your client. You were able to re-do our mortgage without any fees. You took care of everything for us and made the process easy.”

Erika Therrien

“You are very sincere and honest. You never gave up and made us confident that you were doing what was in our best interest. You made the process as flawless as possible.”

Theresa Himburg

“You were always available and on top of anything we needed or information. You are more personable compared to banks. Banks don’t get to know a person, everything is numbers. You get lower mortgage rates, everything was just easy.”

Laura Goettsch & Justin Pirwitz

“You always make yourself available to answer questions or concerns and are open to feedback. You really listened and helped us understand what we could do and the impact it would have financially. We felt like we were making a very informed decision. You met with us in our home in the evening around our schedule and helped us connect with other professionals that would be needed to complete it.”

Melissa Lambert

“You are able to identify client needs and find what is most suitable for them. For me, Janna did it all through email as it was difficult to co-ordinate times for both of us. She found us the lowest possible 5 year fixed rate and I was able to do it all from home.”

Shari McJannet

“You made me feel like I was a friend, not just another customer. You were able to get me my mortgage. I don’t believe the bank would have made this transaction happen. You better believe I will recommend you to others!”

Bill McKee

“Janna helped us get a great rate and helped us through all the steps. She removed a great deal of stress. We were getting terrible service from our bank, but Janna was always there to answer any questions by phone or email. We gave Janna our information and she took care of the rest.”

Kyle Brooks

“Thank you for the excellent service and patience of our re-finance and new mortgage on the condo. You’re an awesome lady to work with! ~ Katia “Your Mortgage Client For Life”!”

Katia Lee

“My husband and I liked your service. You were very organized and helpful, particularly for our appointment and clarity to our questions. Your service added value by clearing up our questions and facilitating the needed answers to continue with our purchase. Very helpful and motivating service.”

Diana Van Loenen

“You are very organized and keep in touch with customers. You find competitive rates best for your clients. You look after everything and are quick to respond to calls and emails. I am very proud to recommend you to others.”

W. Redmond

“Loved that you came to our house after the kids were asleep! Great explanations of terms and conditions. Great knowledge of rental property owners and how to qualify for a mortgage (owning multiple properties). You took care of all the paper work/faxing and leg work with lawyers and banks.”

Marnie Kerhanovich

“You made our experience personal. You went through all aspects of home buying in detail. You were always honest when answering our questions. You made it an easy transition to complete, from renters to home owners.”

Shirley Losee

“You made our experience personal. You went through all aspects of home buying in detail. You were always honest when answering our questions. You made it an easy transition to complete, from renters to home owners.”

Todd Simon

“You go above and beyond for customers. A very easy process, my questions were answered and I understood everything. You contacted all lawyers and banks so I didn’t have to worry about a thing. We will be using you again in the future.”

Joscelynn VanGent

“When Janna says she is going to do everything for you and your family, she keeps her word. She follows through and gets the job done successfully. She does not give up until she gets you the mortgage you need. She promised us in a year we will get a mortgage with a lower interest rate and she followed through on that promise. She explained exactly what we needed to do and she took care of the rest. We are so happy with everything Janna has done for us and continues to do for us. We will use Janna’s service the rest of our lives, as long as we have a mortgage. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs a mortgage. Thanks Janna!”

Kathy Lynn Ivany

“You are personal, friendly, and very specific to my needs and what I was looking for. Your explanation on the benefits of a variable rate given the current market –not as scary as I thought! All I did was sign!”

Kelly Diskson

“I always felt as if I was calling a friend for advice, not a business call. You provided the details for my renewal in a way that was easy for me to understand. I really appreciate all the time you took to answer all my questions, calls and emails. Working with you on my mortgage renewal was great; you made the process stress free, clear and easy. Thank you.”

Ana Arredondo

“Very flexible hours, you came to our house after our kids were in bed. We didn’t really have to do anything, but sign for the best option. You did everything for us.”

Andrew Miller

“Personalized in hone service and appointment times outside of regular business hours. You provide many different options and lots of information. You came to our house and were always available by email.”

Kelly Voisin

“Very friendly service and the best rate! Conveniently provided her services whenever fit best with my schedule and could meet me at my house.”

Beth McCool

“You saved me a lot of time! Reduced me from a 25 year amortization to a 20 year at basically the same payment. Everything was done via email/scans so no travelling. The most efficient use of time.”

Andrew Kennedy

“I love that you come to us/our home. You got me the best deal and explained everything in a way I could understand.”

Nicole Middleton

“Extremely professional, prompt responses to calls and emails, very friendly, approachable and honest. I firmly believe that you are the one person that made this possible for us. Always encouraging and always honest. You gave me unprecedented guidance, support and reassurance when needed. Excellent customer service. Without hesitation I would recommend you to anyone. And, in any future mortgage transactions, I will be contacting you.”

Samantha Blackburn

“The efficiency and attention to detail is outstanding! You saved me money and streamlined the process. It was such a smooth transaction and extremely well organized.”

Tracy Tait

“Provided personal service. Always available to answer questions and spend time to help with the next steps. Gave clear and informed explanations for a first time home buyer!! All my questions were answered and reassured until I was confident to make my decision. Would definitely recommend or refer to for services!!”

Maria DAngelo

“I loved that you provided us with a convenient and friendly service. You knew what you were talking about and what we needed. It was great to be given advice from someone with a deep industry knowledge since we were first time home buyers. I have already recommended your services to someone else. Thank you!”

Jessica Woudstra

“You were very friendly and reassuring-these are qualities you don't find often. We didn't need to research a lot, you came to us and provided us with all information. You knew what you were doing and I would suggest you to anyone. Thank you.”

Julie Gomes

“We felt you made it as convenient as possible for us. You did everything we needed and then some in relation to my working schedule. You made the work with the lawyer as easy and convenient as possible. Your thorough knowledge of the industry made it possible for you to give me great ideas that I wouldn't have thought of alone. I have already referred you & plan on continuing to do so. Thank you!!”

Barbara Fortune

“You were always available for my questions and concerns. You made the process convenient by working around my schedule. Thanks to you I have found a mortgage the perfectly suits me best. Will definitely refer family and friends to you!”

Marci Hockley

“You were able to help us make the best mortgage choice that met our financial goals. You provided very friendly and personal service, we certainly didn't feel like just another file number. You are knowledgeable and always available to help, this made renewing our mortgage a very easy process. We have already referred someone to you and will continue to do so.”

Olga Smith

“You are a very pro active agent! You contacted me whenever you thought there was a better deal available. You found me the rate & conditions within a company that I was looking for. There wasn't much work you needed me to do, it was a quick and easy process! I would absolutely return to & refer your services!”

Laurie Gogas

“You saved us a lot of time by meeting us at our house and making yourself available whenever was convenient for us. You were so helpful and available for questions. I would definitely refer you to friends or family.”

Tricia Andree

“You were very flexible with the times you could meet us to answer questions, this was super helpful. You found us a great rate, thank you. It was very convenient that we could communicate through texting- not that common. I have some people in mind to refer to you already. Thanks!”

Eric Sousa

“I loved how you had the flexibility to meet us at our home rather than having to go to a bank. You provided such friendly and personal service we will not ever go anywhere else. DEFINITELY recommend.”

Tiffany Delsaut

“You saved my husband and I a lot of time by bringing your services to us. You explained everything so that we completely understood and felt relaxed about the whole process. We loved the fast, simple & friendly experience we had with you. Definitely recommending you to friends & family!”

Amanda Broeze

“You were very easy to get a hold of anytime I needed you, your support staff was very helpful in regards to keeping us up to speed with the mortgage process. You're definitely the first person I think of when considering anything to do with a mortgage! Thank you!”

Samantha Metzger

“Your service was so unique and personable; I was definitely worry free during the whole process. You got me the best rate in the market and worked around my busy schedule- BIG PLUS! I have already recommended you to people I know.”

Brent Stoliker

“You met me somewhere that was convenient for me. You responded quickly to all my emails, questions and concerns. You explained everything very well to us. I would absolutely recommend your great services.”

Danielle Campbell

“You were able to walk us through a confusing transaction easily. We appreciate your continued assistance and patience. I would definitely recommend you. Thank you for everything as well as the camping chair!”

Stephanie Egan

“It was super convenient meeting you at Starbucks where I requested, especially since you had everything ready to explain the process. You were quick to respond to my questions. I would absolutely recommend you to others. Thanks again!”

Alex Shaw

“You provided better value than the bank and you were much more up to date on options and products. I was getting pressured for things that we didn't even need from the bank. I definitely felt more informed and comfortable with your services. I will look to you next fall when the house on our primary residence is coming up for renewal. The whole process was straightforward and explained with no surprises which was great as purchasing a property can be stressful enough.”

Sean Campbell

“Your services were for sure more valuable due to the lower interest rate you were able to get us. I would definitely recommend your services and use them again. You are very nice, thank you again!!”

Monica Friesen

“Allowed us to make renovations by consolidating our line of credit onto our mortgage and reduce our interest rate. Thank you Janna.”

Lindsay Dietrich

To all of my valued clients, I would like to thank you for taking the time to share your experience online. We value greatly the feedback from everyone and I look forward to working with you in the future.