The Approval Process

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The Approval Process


Application Submission

We confidentially collect your personal information including; identification, assets, liabilities along with all sources of income.


Credit Review

Our mortgage agents review your Credit Bureau report and clearly inform you of your credit status. If there are items on the report that are incorrect or items that need to be cleared up, we will walk through this process together and advocate on your behalf.


Document Collection

Our team will collect any necessary supporting documents including income and down payment verification.


Pre-Approval Request

Once the application and credit report has been submitted to determine the amount of mortgage for which you qualify, we submit your detailed file for pre-approval.


Insurer Approval/Appraisal

If your mortgage is a high-ratio mortgage and requires insurance, your lender will submit the application (along with the property information) for approval of both you and the property. If your mortgage is conventional and does not need mortgage insurance, your lender may require an appraisal to ensure the lending value of the property meets their approval.


Meeting Final Conditions

Once your mortgage has been approved by both the lender and if applicable the insurer, it is time to make sure that you have satisfied all of the lender’s conditions on the approval. This may include recent pay stubs, your lawyer’s contact information or any outstanding legal forms that need to be signed.


Finalize The Deal

Once we have final approval, you will need to sign the mortgage commitment and supporting documents. We will then provide you with the option of signing mortgage protection insurance.

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